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Skyscraper | Open House Party.


Under MUSIC REQUEST, choose “Click to Text” and request Skyscraper. It’s by email, not text.

1 spin there = 25+ spins on the radio. 

Or call them 1-800-669-1010. Can be from anywhere in the US. This only works on weekends after 7pm EST.

Everything listed is free (the texts are toll free, you only pay what you usually pay when you text)! Don’t request the song more than once an hour or it’ll count as spam!

CREDIT: thank you guys!

Vote for Demi Lovato at the #TCAs

Don’t forget to vote for Demi at the Teen Choice Awards!

Here’s the link :

If you ARE NOT from the US, you have to use the proxy servers, or your votes won’t be counted! (It’s in the rules of the TCAs!). How to use proxy servers? read that ->

Demi is nominated in “TV -> Actress Comedy” and “Other -> Twit”!

Remember to make SEVERAL accounts and vote EVERY day!

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